Królikowski takes his partner to the premiere, while Opozda celebrates with another hunk. It happened…


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Joanna Opozda at the party

Joanna Obozda talked about a party she attended with her friends. There is no shortage of photos of other handsome men. This time he doesn’t own Montana.

Joanna Obozda and Anthony Krolikowski decided to get married, and soon after the wedding, it turned out that the newlyweds were expecting a baby. They were expecting their child, but after Vincent’s birth, it turns out that his parents are not together. In a short time, the media spread the news that the freshly baked father-in-law was reconciling his life with another woman.

This was not the end of the hype around the actor. He also met with very unpleasant comments when he came up with the idea of organizing an MMA party, where Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky were supposed to face each other in the ring. After this scandal, he decided to give up his presence on social media and showbiz for a long time.

Antik and his wife could not agree on their son for a long time. The problem wasn’t just alimony, but also custody of the boy. At some point, the tension between them grew so much that they started a real network war. Each of them wanted to prove their point of view to the audience. Recently, the quarrels have subsided, but the actor did not hide in an interview that he regretted his marriage to Joanna Obozda.

Sorry to say yes. It was too early. 2021 was very difficult for me, I already knew Vincent would show up, so obviously I wanted to fit in he tells Barty.

Antique is doing a great job on a new relationship. He recently appeared in the premiere where his partner made his debut. He was about to leave his wife for her. Meanwhile, Joanna Obozda is not only developing her career and taking care of her child.

Recently, the media and netizens reported that the actress is in a relationship with famous rapper Malik Montana. The stars had a good time in one of the Warsaw clubs. Previously, they had only been seen together at Warsaw’s Hala Koszyki.

However, on Saturday Asya went to the club again and this time she showed the affair, and there were photos with another handsome man.

Joanna Obozda at a party with a hunk
Joanna Obozda can count on her mother to help her in the oven instead of her son, so she allows herself to go out with her friends from time to time. This time I showed a report from the Warsaw club Shaun Warsaw. There were many cocktails and delicacies and you can see the actress had a great time.

In several shots, we see him in the company of the handsome make-up artist Harry Jefferson. The man is dealing with the image of Edita Gourniak, Karolina Pesarek, or Asya, among others.

As you can see, Joanna is enjoying her life and she won’t have to worry about further relationship rumors.


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