Cichopek & Kurzajewski face Each Other On TVP’s 70th-Anniversary Show.


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They looked great and everyone’s eyes turned to the ring on Kasia’s finger…

Kasia Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski were among the stars of TVP’s 70th Anniversary Show. What were their shapes? New ring on front finger. Will the good news continue?

Maciej Kurzajewski and Kasia Cichopek decided a few weeks ago to confirm that they are a couple. They put together the first photo on the presenter’s 40th birthday, which they celebrated in Israel. The confession caused a huge storm, so they decided to approach the studio with questions for breakfast, where they talked about how they felt.

Love appears with us at every step – whether in Israel or the Palestinian Authority – each of these places reminds us of the word “love”. Our travels are the result of our curiosity for the world. […] It’s really nice to get to know new places and find the places we know when it’s with the ones we love. This is the most beautiful moment, Macyk said.

Since then, they no longer hide their feelings. It’s no secret that they struggle with issues stemming from interviews with Maciej’s ex-wife, but they try not to comment and build a relationship out of the media clutter. Today, for the first time, they debuted as a married couple at a festive party. She appeared on the 70th anniversary of Polish television. How did they introduce themselves?

Kasia Cichopek, Maciej Kurzajewski – 70th anniversary of TVP. What were their shapes?

Kasia Cichopek wore a gorgeous champagne maxi dress that revealed a flattering cleavage. She balanced out the delicate, airy texture with a soft brush. Maciej focused on classic elegance. Black suit and white shirt are always the right choice.

It was impossible not to notice how they looked at each other. Tenderness was not lacking, and we looked at Kasia’s finger … A beautiful ring shines on it, which she did not have in the morning, when they asked a question for breakfast together. Can we have more good news soon? Check out their photo gallery.


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