Autumn is Cycling Time: Tips for Riding Safely.


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Autumn is a popular cycling season. Due to rising fuel prices, The bicycle to be used more often as a means of transport this fall. Cycling not only saves money, it also strengthens the immune system.

More cycling conditions are good in Carinthia. According to Austrian statistics, 75% of Karentic families own at least one functional bicycle. Also, many car trips are short. At around 40 percent, short car trips of less than five kilometers are six times longer than car trips of more than 50 kilometers, On average, around 110,000 cars a day are shorter than two and a half kilometers and around 290,000 trips are shorter than five kilometers.

Fuel consumption is especially high on short journeys. On average, a car consumes about three times as much fuel in its first mile on average. If you usually travel short distances by bike instead of by car, you save a lot of money.

The health benefits of cycling are also great. Lack of exercise is a growing problem. “Sitting down is the new smoke,” was the conclusion of a comprehensive study by the University of Texas Cancer Center. “Anyone who is as mobile and active as possible, instead of sitting in the car, gets a regular dose of healthy exercise. Among other things, this prevents cardiovascular disease, strengthens the immune system and reduces negative stress hormones.”

Anyone who burns calories instead of diesel or gasoline is also actively contributing to climate protection. Cycling 500 kilometers a year instead of driving a car saves about 100 kilograms of carbon dioxide, which is much more than the average adult weight.

Cycling Safely in Autumn.

Drive carefully and carefully, and in autumn pay special attention to good visibility. Using the so-called parking light as a backlight, which continues to glow even when you park at an intersection. It is important to make sure that the bike is equipped with the reflectors described: a white reflector on the front and a red reflector on the rear are required, both can be integrated into the headlight or taillight. In addition to the reflectors on the pedals, yellow-orange reflectors (called cat eyes) or reflector tires are needed.

More Bike Tours.

Municipalities and cities can do a lot to ensure their residents can cover more bike rides. Thanks to calm traffic, a speed limit of 30 instead of 50, and good bike connections, families and children can also cover more of their daily cycling trips. “The number of children riding bicycles is a good indicator of the quality of traffic planning,”

Tips for Riding a Bike Safely in Autumn.

  1. Drive carefully and carefully
  2. Pay attention to good lighting, it is recommended to use a floor light as a backlight. Vision brings security.
  3. Make sure that the bicycle is equipped with the prescribed reflectors (white reflector on the front, red reflector on the rear, both can be integrated into the headlight or taillight; side reflectors or reflectors on the tires and reflectors on the pedals)
  4. Light clothing also increases visibility
  5. Pay attention to the brakes that work well
  6. The road may be slippery due to wet leaves, so be especially careful around bends and bridges. Tram tracks or manhole covers are more slippery when wet.
  7. Tires with good tread improve traction.
  8. Oil and hygiene series. Anyone who has been riding a lot since spring should have their bike serviced (or repaired).
  9. A common drizzle in autumn. Rain pants and raincoats ensure you arrive dry at your destination.


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