Windows 11: Microsoft says the Windows Update bug won’t harm your system


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In recent days, the Internet has echoed a problem that affects thousands of users. Windows Update malfunctions and sometimes displays pages of error messages.

Since the Tuesday of the February 2023 patch for Windows 11, the Microsoft forums have been abuzz with messages reporting a glitch affecting Windows Update that is preventing you from downloading updates for some drivers. A very annoying problem that seems to afflict many devices of all types and brands. Faced with the number of complaints received, Microsoft wanted to reassure users: these errors are unlikely to damage the system. Patience is the key.

While Windows 11 is not the most installed operating system in the global computer fleet, its adoption is growing. The 0x80070103 error reported by Microsoft affects configurations running Windows 11 22H2. According to a Redmond representative, “The error is appearing because Windows Update is trying to install a component that already exists. Other than displaying an error message, this shouldn’t affect how you use your computer. So don’t worry, despite the long time list of deleted drivers.” Installed, everything is fine.


Note that the company has not provided any details on the origin of this error, innocent as it may be. There is currently no official way to avoid the flow of error messages. Some netizens, even Intel, recommend stopping Windows 11 updates until the situation calms down, and the easiest way is to ignore all notifications.

Despite this being more annoying than a really dangerous bug, Windows 11 remains an operating system full of quality. While Microsoft imposes certain hardware conditions to be able to install it, it is entitled to a lite version for less powerful PCs, called Tiny11.


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