WhatsApp: How to send high-quality images from your computer and mobile phone


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The messaging app allows you to send multimedia content while preserving its original quality; View some forms on your computer and mobile phone

Sending high-quality photos and videos on WhatsApp is a very popular thing to do. However, media quality can be compromised if the necessary adjustments are not made at the time of transmission. The good thing is that the application itself allows the images to remain of high quality, with a configuration available for Android, iPhone (iOS), and also the web. Find out, in the next few lines, how to bypass the multimedia compression of WhatsApp and send photos, videos, and more in high quality through the app.

How to send a high-quality photo on iPhone via WhatsApp

The first step. To send high-quality photos from your iPhone, first, open WhatsApp and go to Settings. Then go to “Storage and Data”;

Step 2. Select the “Media Quality” field and choose the “High Quality” option;

Step Three: In addition to the High option, there are two other options for selecting image quality. The first option is “Auto”, which compresses the file moderately. The second one, Data Saver, ends up compressing the file further to reduce the data expenditure of the device. Both options can be used to reverse the process of improving image quality.

How to send a high-quality image on Android via WhatsApp

Step 1. For Android devices, the procedure is no different. On the WhatsApp main screen, click on the three dots at the top right of the screen and select “Settings”;

Step 2. Next, tap on “Storage & Data” and select “Photo Quality” at the bottom of the screen;

Step 3. As with iOS, you can also choose the image quality. To send high-resolution photos, select “High Quality”.

How to send a high-quality photo on PC via WhatsApp

The first step. On a computer or laptop, the procedure can be done through the installed application or through the web version of WhatsApp. In both cases, image quality can be maintained at the very moment the image is sent. In the application, open a conversation screen, touch the paper clip icon, and then on “File”;

Step 2. Select the photo you want to send to someone. With the image open it is then necessary to click on the three dots of the tab at the top and choose the “Attach as a document” field in order to preserve the quality of the image.

The third step. In the web version, you also need to open a chat window with a person and click on a clip icon. From there, the procedure is slightly different from the PC app, where you have to click on Documents and select the image of your choice. Finally, upload the image.


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