WhatsApp: how to recover deleted photos and videos from the app


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WhatsApp users have the ability to recover deleted media in the app through specific apps that monitor social network notifications; Check out four ways to get it back

Deleted WhatsApp photos and videos can be recovered in several ways on Android and iPhone (iOS). The feature is useful for those who regret having erased the media and need to restore it. However, it should be noted that the best way to prevent this from happening is to back up your chats frequently. However, if you are not a fan of this practice, you can resort to other alternatives, such as Google Photos, Google Drive, or iCloud. You can also, for example, use some applications to recover your media. Find out how to use the options in the following lines.

Restore backup from Google Drive or iCloud

WhatsApp has an automatic backup feature, where media on your device can be saved in Google Drive, for Android users, or in iCloud, for iPhone (iOS) users. However, the option must be activated before the time the file is deleted which is also a tip to avoid losing media files in the future.

To access the function, just click on the three dots at the top right of the screen and select the “Settings” option. On the next screen, go to “Chats”, scroll down the screen and select “Backup chats”. In this tab, users can control the frequency of backups, as well as the last save the date.

If the media was erased before the last backup, there is still an option to restore it by uninstalling and then installing the app. At that moment the ‘Restore’ option will be available to complete the procedure.

Use applications to view deleted messages

For Android users, you can turn to apps that can recover deleted WhatsApp videos and photos. It is available for download from the Google Store for free. WhatisRemoved+, for example, works by detecting social network notifications to access messages. Therefore, you must allow the app to access all permissions when activated.

Next, you need to select the WhatsApp icon, which appears on the main screen, and click on “Yes, save file” to perform the action. The app still has the difference of being able to save media from other social networks, such as Telegram and Facebook for example.

Restory works are similar to WhatisRemoved+, which asks for permission to access notifications and then external storage. There are tabs in the app that record conversations and deleted media files.

Check Google Images

With a mobile phone sync in Google Photos, the user has access to a file recovery period of 60 days, that is, if the Backup and Sync feature is turned on. If the feature is disabled, deleted files can be recovered in up to 30 days. Therefore, items remain in the Recycle Bin for a period of time, depending on your configuration, before being permanently deleted.

To recover, go to the Google Photos app and tap the Library icon. At the top of the screen, access the Trash option and view all the archived items. Then, choose the specific photo to recover or delete it permanently.

Check the WhatsApp photo gallery on the device

When you clean your phone, some WhatsApp photos may be deleted unintentionally. On the bright side, you can recover deleted photos from messaging apps using your device’s file manager or the cloud.

To do this go to “File Manager” and select “Internal Storage” and then go to the “Android” folder inside it click on “Media” and then go to the “Com. Whatsapp” and “WhatsApp” folders, too” Media” again to display the type of file to restore. Apart from photos, movies, audio, documents, stickers, and videos can also be recovered.

In the case of photos, click on “WhatsApp Photos”. Then move the item you want to recover to another folder by clicking on the share option and choosing this new folder. Still in progress, in the “Sent” section the user can also view all the photos sent via the application.


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