Experts Have Warned That Attacks on Apple Computers Will Increase


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Security experts at antivirus company Eset have warned that they expect attacks on Apple’s macOS platform to increase this year. This is because computers with the bitten apple logo are becoming a more attractive target for attackers as they become more popular with users.

“According to currently available reviews and statistics, the number of users of Apple devices continues to grow, and the number of attacks with them will naturally increase,” said Jiří Kropáč, head of the Eset Virus Lab in Brno.

At the same time, he shows what cyber raids will look like. We anticipate simpler attacks against macOS users in the coming year, such as illegal cryptocurrency mining and information theft by information hackers. and more advanced attacks on vulnerabilities in the operating system, which are the basis of governments and organized groups,” warned Kropash.

“There are also types of attacks that have already emerged through applications that contain Trojan horses or compromised versions of software packages that can download and install backdoors with remote management capabilities. The coming months will show how all these threats show up in our statistics,” he said. added security expert.

Adware reigns supreme among the threats
In the case of the macOS platform, adware is among the most common cyber threats in the Czech Republic. These are malicious codes that display excessive spam and aggressive ads. “Often we can download adware ourselves, thinking that we are downloading a legitimate and well-known app or game. We can, for example, click on an advertising link while searching, but its authors are attackers. Once the adware appears on the device, it is very difficult to detect, because we may not notice the warning signs right away or we may mistake them for another problem.”

According to him, unofficial third-party shops and public forums are also frequent sources of adware. Applications and games on it are often found for free or at a more attractive price than in the official store. However, these programs may contain adware. This is why it is best to download apps only from the App Store.

“If users will use the app for a long time, surely downloading the app from the official store even at full price will be safer and more profitable. Once the adware is present on the device, it can hide for a long time and danger our personal data or expose the device to attacks of other types of malware.

The most common malicious code for macOS in the past month was Pirrit adware, which gained more than a third. According to him, two more families have crossed the threshold of a tenth of the cases detected in December. The second place goes to the Trojan agent, who has regularly appeared in the top positions of the statistics since the middle of last year. Trojan Horse Downloader. Adload completes the trefoil of the most prevalent threat for the macOS platform.

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