A Lighter Version of Windows 11 is Available for Less Powerful Computers


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If your current computer isn’t powerful enough to install Windows 11, now there’s a solution. A “Lite” version has been released, called Tiny11, which allows you to install the new operating system on older devices.

Since its launch, one of the major complaints against Windows 11 has been its high hardware requirements, which make the operating system incompatible with many computers. And some of them are so subtle that they likely significantly slow adoption of the new version, which has found its way into less than 20% of computers so far.

Fortunately, for those who don’t have a powerful enough machine, you now have an alternative to this problem: Tiny11. This is a new version of the operating system that not only significantly reduces the hardware bar for access, but also removes many redundant elements.

TINY11 wants to replace Windows 11 on less powerful machines

Tiny11, designed by NTDEV, is basically a Windows 11 Pro 22H2-based ISO. As the developer states, it contains “everything you need for a comfortable computing experience, without the pre-installed software and hassle of a standard Windows installation.”

The stripped-down Windows 11 Pro 22H2 requires just 8GB of storage to install, 2GB of RAM, and perhaps the best part, no TPM and Secure Boot. As a reminder, TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot were the main culprits of criticism for Windows 11 when it was released, particularly as few PCs on the market were compatible. NTDev reveals that OS files take up 6.34GB of space, while apps that escaped removal take up 1.59 GB.

Finally, as is often the case with these modified versions, one of the main disadvantages is tracking updates. You won’t be able to install new versions from Windows Update, so you’ll have to monitor the release of new features and manually install the ones you want. At the moment, the developer announces that at least one update will be released every month.


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