Reduced Side Effects of Cancer Drugs.


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Although cancer is one of the most important health problems in the world, approximately 20 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Although breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in the world, 25,000 women suffer from breast cancer in our country. Noting that the breast cancer mortality rate has decreased by 40% from 1989 to 2020, the Head of the Department of Medical Oncology at Acibadem MMA University,”With the development of targeted therapies and early diagnosis, this improvement will continue more and more in the coming years. 90% of patients are diagnosed at an early stage. About 10% of patients progress to the stage of metastases, that is, the advanced stage “

Breast cancer is a treatable disease, Er said, “It should be accepted as a chronic disease. Effective treatment options are rapidly increasing according to the biological characteristics of the tumor. An objective increase in life expectancy and quality is For early diagnosis, I recommend not delaying mammography and breast examination, and if you are in a group If you know your family history, careful follow-up is recommended.

40 Years of Critical Phase.

Although breast cancer can occur at any age, its incidence increases after age 40. Although older age is an important risk factor, the likelihood of developing cancer in the other breast is 3-4 times greater in women who have already had breast cancer and who have been treated. Noting that women with ovarian, colon, or uterine cancer are also more likely to develop breast cancer, Eyre said, “The likelihood of developing breast cancer is higher in people with breast cancer who have first-degree relatives (such as , sister, daughter, father, brother) Compared to women without breast cancer in their families. Start menstruation earlier, enter menopause later, and prolong period. Meanwhile, when a woman is exposed to estrogen for a period the longer the risk of breast cancer increases. the age at which the first child was born is important. Proportion The incidence of breast cancer in women who gave birth to their first child after age 30 is higher than in those who gave birth light before the age of twenty.

Side Effects of Drug Reduction.

Special “Research has shown that, based on the genetic characteristics of the tumor, a patient and cancer-specific approach increases survival and quality of life. Increasing treatment options for cancer patients is of great value to our practice. determine the biological characteristics of breast cancers at the time of diagnosis to determine which drugs to use In treatment There are very important changes and advances in the drugs used against cancer Recent cancer drug development studies aim to develop new drugs with few side effects using advances in cancer biology With the development of drugs that selectively destroy cancer cells without harming normal cells, efficacy has increased Side effects have decreased.

Gloss Treatment Data.

In the treatment of breast cancer, criteria such as tumor type, stage (spread to distant lymph nodes and organs outside the breast), hormone receptors and the presence of HER2, tumor growth rate, risk of recurrence, woman’s age, and general state of health status are important.


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