Giuliano Cazari’s Drama With His Daughter In A New Surgery


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The Youngest Actor Suffers From A Rare Heart Disease

Giuliano Cazari’s wife, Leticia Cazari, said in an Instagram post, this Wednesday the 19th, that her daughter Maria Gilhermina will undergo a tracheostomy on Thursday the 20th, in São Paulo. The baby will be 4 months old next Friday and was born with a rare heart problem, Ebstein’s anomaly, which has already led her to undergo several surgeries.

Maria Gilhermina of Guadalupe! I can say, without fear of exaggeration, that you have a charming heart in Brazil. How many people pray every day and ask God for their life! It’s great to see so many people up close looking at the sky thanks to you! The true communion of saints is transmitted through you. A girl in the eyes of God, said a sick friend here in the intensive care unit. Tomorrow will be a day full of new challenges, our little girl will have a tracheotomy, but I am sure she will win, as she has done to this day. Thank you, friends, for her prayers. I ask you to stand firm not only for her, but for all the children who need to restore her health. As the saints say: “Pray and make people pray”! “A big kiss from the Kazari family,” Said Leticia.


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