Sigma Battle Royale: 5 questions and answers on the ‘new Free Fire’


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The game garnered attention for its similarities to Garena’s multiplayer, but still sparked skepticism from the public; Check out the archery game Q&A

Sigma is a new Battle Royale game that has appeared on the Google Play Store and has gained a lot of exposure due to its similarities to the popular Free Fire. Among the points in common are the game and map modes, which are very similar, but with a more cartoonish imprint. Hence, many people wonder if the title will not be a clone of the shooter Garena. It should be noted that Sigma was originally released for Android on the Google Play Store by Studio Arm, but was removed from the store without further explanation and is currently unavailable through official means.

The sudden success and disappearance from the Play Store made many players turn to the game, as well as casting many doubts on the title. Check out some questions and answers about the game below.

Meet Sigma, a Free Fire style free game for Android phones

    1. What is sigma?

    Just like Free Fire, Sigma is a battle royale shooter, that is: participants are thrown into a large open map without equipment and must fight to survive. A common theme in games of this type is to seek out useful weapons and items to defend yourself as the safe area on the map gradually shrinks, forcing rivals to clash. This is in Sigma.

    In addition to the Battle Royale mode, the game also has a “Showdown” mode, which pits 2 teams of 4 participants together. There are two playable characters at the start, each with their own abilities, and a third to unlock.

    1. Is it already available?

    The launch of Sigma has raised many doubts among users. The game suddenly appeared on the Google Play Store and received a message from the developers making the version available as a beta. During this time, users can play it, but their progress will be erased after the trial ends. However, shortly after its launch, the title disappeared from the Google Play Store. However, it is possible that the developers intend to return it to the store when it is completed, although there is no confirmed date.

    1. Is it the same as the Free Fire app?

    One point that has surprised players is the extreme similarity of the game to Free Fire, which goes beyond the same traditional battle royale elements. The Sigma map, for example, is basically the same as the Bermuda map for Free Fire, with the same island layout, roads, and even locations, like towers, villages, a power plant, and more. However, the main difference is in the graphics: Sigma uses brighter colors and has a cartoonish look, while Free Fire tries to convey a more serious experience with sober colors.

    1. Is Sigma an official shop?

    Not at that time. Sigma was released on the Google Play Store and was available until November 25, but was removed without explanation. The fact that the game has passed the Google Store filter indicates that there is no malicious code in this originally released version, but this does not guarantee the safety of APK files obtained outside the Store. However, the game never appeared in the App Store, and it is not known whether the manufacturer plans to release the game for iPhone (iOS).

    1. What platforms do you work on?

    Sigma was never released on iPhone, only on Android devices via Google Play Store before being pulled. Currently, the only way to play is via an APK file downloaded outside the Google Store, which is the Android installation file.

    APK files are installation files that are downloaded outside the Google Play Store. While the game is available, it is worth noting that it poses a significant security risk to mobile phones. By installing APK files from unofficial sources without the protection of the store’s security filters, users can grant access on their smartphones to malicious codes injected into the application by third parties. This is one reason why the iPhone doesn’t have the option for installs outside the App Store.


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