A Minecraft player recreates a playable version of the first The Legend of Zelda in the game


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C1OUS3R, the Minecraft gamer who recreated old games within the latter, has struck again. This time he took care of the first The Legend of Zelda, released in 1986. The task was not an easy undertaking, but he managed to develop a playable version up to the first boss.

It is now known that Minecraft allows more or less to reach the minimum of its insanity. If some want to modify unlikely hardware to play a building game, no knowledge of electronics is required to launch lunar challenges in the title, whether it’s recreating entire cities or even fictional regions all straight from pop culture.

But Minecraft is not just a block assembly game: it also builds fully functional machines and, indeed, video games. One of the most impressive projects of recent years is undoubtedly building a Minecraft PC… in Minecraft for that matter. Enough to inspire other players to embark on the adventure.

Minecraft now lets you play the first Zelda game since 1986

C1OUS3R is not on the first try. In the past, he has actually recreated the first Sonic and Super Mario Bros within Minecraft. Continuing its momentum, it covered a new old classic: The Legend of Zelda, the first saga released in 1986 on the NES. So the first step was to rebuild the game world, to which he also added some relief to sweeten the 2D aspect.

The biggest challenge back then was making Link controllable. For this, he used the Blockbench tool, which allowed him to create 2D assets for the character and make him move. The module he got, he places on a portable object by the player in Minecraft. By making his character disappear, we get a link that moves like in the 1986 game.

So C1OUS3R recreated the title up to the first boss. He plans to make his project more accessible if his video hits 5,000 likes (as of this writing, the counter shows 1,400 likes). “I’m going to build an engine in Minecraft to help people make their own games with it,” he wrote on Reddit. “Something is much easier to understand than something like Unity. I think Minecraft has the potential to really help people start developing the game.”


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