Will the two-year-old spend Christmas with Maffashion or Sebastian Fabijański? Bloggers give us specific answers. Well, we were surprised!


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Maffashion, Sebastian Fabijański

Marathon told us who his son Bastian will be spending Christmas with. With her or with my father, Sebastian Fabijanski? I explained everything. video.

Maffashion is a senior fashion blogger. Once she achieved fame, she founded her own fashion label, which has turned into a magnet. She has a lot of work on her own. Some time ago she broke up with Sebastian Fabijański. Since then, the main burden of caring for the child falls on her. She announced the end of the relationship in a statement:

I broke up with Sebastian about three weeks ago. The plan was for me to say it together (…) Someone wanted to sign one of my ads, and therefore denied me the opportunity to present my account, although I want to confirm immediately, I’m not going to comment, I do the laundry , not me. When it came to relationships, I’ve always been frugal, and when it came to relationships, they weren’t very media-centric either. All I can add is that I have never walked away from anyone with a baby, in fact that was the time I needed someone to be there.

Sebastian, of course, helps Maf raise the child, but since the boy is only two years old, he is unable to fully replace her. A reporter from Jastrząb Post asked Julia about her plans for Christmas. Do you already know how your son will spend it?

Maffashion on Christmas. How will Bastian spend it?

Beautiful in peace with family. With my brother, my brother’s wife, with their children. Meet the best in the world.

May told us that she will be spending Christmas with her immediate family.

Does he like getting ready for Christmas?

I honestly don’t like it. I could take part in all of this, but I’ve always had the feeling that I’d rather go where someone organizes it. I have wonderful uncles and aunts. In general, my whole family loves to cook and loves to prepare everything when it comes to Christmas. I haven’t had time for this in recent years.

How about taking care of your garden during the holidays?

We shared it between us. I hope everyone is satisfied. Christmas can still be divided somewhat, but New Year’s is more difficult.

This is a real surprise because Bastian’s tender age suggested that he would spend so much time with his mother!


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