The Scriptwriters Of “Na Wspólnej” Gave Viewers A Shocking Ending To The Plot Of Gosia Socha. This Horror Overtook Hanka’s Death In Cardboard Boxes!


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Małgorzata Socha ends his adventure with Na Wspólnej. Viewers will see his gruesome death on screen. It’s a massacre!

Małgorzata Socha is an actress who needs no special introduction. She is best known for her role as Susanna Hofer in the TV series Na Wspólnej. This is not the only story with her participation. We can also admire the star’s talent in productions such as: Weekend, Oh, Karol 2, Breakfast in bed, Ugly Ula, Screwed 2, Be like Kazimierz Deyna, Loneliness on the net.

In recent weeks, the 42-year-old singer has surprised fans by informing her that her adventure with Na Wspólnej ends after 16 years. In an interview with Fakt, she explained that this was dictated by her concerns about her private life. She wants more time for her husband and three children: Zofia, Barbara and Stanisław. The youngest child, a son, celebrated his fourth birthday this year.

It was very difficult for me and I hesitated a lot, because I was very close to the production, with the cast. However, I felt that I had to start doing something else and that I needed more space for my family life. I had to give up something to keep my life in balance. “You can’t have everything,” she explained.

She told more about it in an interview with Jastrząb Post.

That’s the next step. I think this is a decision that was very difficult for me to make, but on the other hand, this is also a very unique project for me and I think it would be difficult for me to give up completely. I played there for 16 years and I think the audience got used to my character. I think I’m ready for new challenges – I opened up.

You can watch the interview with Zuzia’s role below.

Małgorzata Socha leaves Na Wspólnej. tragedy on screen

Super Express revealed how the writers would end Zuzanna’s theme in the series. The heroine of the telenovela will be the victim of an accident and go to the hospital. You will be in a coma before you die. At this time, her partner, Camille Hoover (played by Kazimierz Mazur), will fall into the alcoholic chain. A man’s emotional problems will be exacerbated by the fact that his mistress has become pregnant.

Did I expect such a shocking end to Zosia’s story? At the same time, even the death of Hanna Mosttiak (performed by Majorzata Koczowska) from M. Jacques Millow is “a little piece of cake.”


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