Marcin Mrozek is bitter about his earnings in “M jak miłość”. He pointed out what he didn’t like. Reality is not as colorful as the press portrays it


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Marcin Mroczek

Marcin Mroczek told us about earnings at Májak miłość. Not everything is as colorful as the media portray it. honest statement.

Marcin Mrozek is an actor well-known to viewers. In 2000 he landed at Plan M jak miłość. He still today he plays Piotr Zduński in this series. His twin brother, Rafai, i.e. Bowie in the series, also plays orchestration. TVP2 viewers have also played roles in other theatrical productions and creations and participated in Dancing with the Stars.

He managed to organize his life. In 2013 he married model Marlena Muranovic. The couple had two sons – Ignacy and Kacper, who are the whole world to their parents. The family recently bought a new home. Media reported that the property has an area of 160 square meters and is located near Warsaw.

Jastrząb Post reporter talked to Marcin about his involvement in the series and earnings.

Marcin Mroczek on earnings in M ​​jak miłość
Our interlocutor admitted that he has played more than half of his life in the series and is very satisfied with the work. Also, he boldly takes the stage. A new comedy, The Perfect Wedding, was recently shown.

This year it has been 22 years. shred of time. More than half of my life. Every year we all wonder how long Mjak Miłość will broadcast. We all love working there, we love this job and I have to admit we are used to the fact that it exists. If Mjak Miłość ends, I have big theater plans and that also gives me such development as an actor. A few days ago we had the premiere of The Perfect Wedding, I dubbed there with Rafai, it was my first big stage role, and I’m glad the premiere was a success. But I hope Mjak Miłość can satisfy us for as long as possible.

What is the issue of wages in M ​​jak Miłość and beyond? As it turned out, salaries aren’t keeping up with inflation and aren’t as crazy as the press portrays.

There’s a slightly different rate now, but it’s not accelerating like inflation. And it’s not even the salary we read about in the press.


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