Ana Maria Sicloca was on top and showing off a lot of body. The hot session has invaded the net. Sebastian Fabijanski won’t take his eyes off her!


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Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Sebastian Fabijański

Ana Maria Sicloca above. Images posted online. Sebastian Fabijanski would be delighted with this view!

Ana Maria Sicloca made her film debut in For Good and Bad. No one suspected that in such a short time she would achieve such astonishing success. Less than a year later, she took part in the filming of the movie 365 Days, where she played Laura Bell. Then the 365th day and another 365 days appeared. Her brilliant acting game brought her worldwide fame.

A few weeks ago, the beauty became the heroine of several newspaper articles. All because the paparazzi caught her on a date with a colleague, Sebastian Fabianski. The couple exchanged passionate kisses.

Both Anna and Sebastian comment on their relationship very carefully.

The life of an actor, a trendy man, is sadly doomed to the fact that every meeting, even if it does not bring anything outstanding, consists of a story. We definitely don’t like Ana Maria – the actor told Jastrząb Post.

Sebastian and I are actors and that’s it. As I said, I admire Sebastian as an actor. Sebastian also said it was a big deal, because a famous actress met a famous actor, and if he met an unrecognizable girl, no one would make a fuss. I think you should treat everything with some distance and a smile. We are really good friends, – I explained to our correspondent.

Ana Maria Sicloca in a hot session. Images

On December 2, several photos appeared on Anna’s Instagram profile, of which she was at the top. You can see right away that she has a flawless figure. The shooting was done in Munich.

Dear ones, learn to live in harmony with the fact that others don’t know your side of events. “You don’t have to prove anything to anyone,” she wrote.


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