The protagonists of the football edition of “PnŚ”: Jaroslav Binyuk, Rafał Mrozek, Viola Bekot. This is how they were before the Poland-France match


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Question for breakfast

On Sunday, the breakfast issue revolved around football. Who has appeared on the show? We have photos of the stars for today’s issue.

Today at 16:00 Polish time we will be sitting in front of the TV screens to watch the Poland-France match. It’s a fight for everything. To be or not to be at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar depends on the outcome of the match. The match will be played in the capital, Doha. The stars are already thinking about how the red and white team will pass.

Radosław Majdan has shown far-reaching skepticism.

If we play defense as we did against Argentina, we have no chance of winning. It remains to be hoped that Wojtek Szczecin will remain in the shape of his life, and Robert Lewandowski and Pyotr Zelensky will break free from the “defensive” tactics of the Mukhtar and finally show their brilliant abilities – he took stock.

Similar moods prevail in Jakub Rzeźniczak.

The vibes were so great that the football theme completely dominated today’s edition of Breakfast Questions, hosted by Isabella Karzan and Thomas Camille.

Question about breakfast. What did the stars of the release look like?
On Sunday, Jaroslav Binyuk, Rafał Mrozek, and Viola Picotte appeared in the breakfast room. Garrick showed up in a white T-shirt, Ralph Lauren jacket, and jeans. Mroczek – in a PZPN T-shirt and light jeans (so it perfectly matched the style of football in the studio), and Piekut – in a black and white bodysuit. You can see photos of all stars in the gallery below the text.

Let me know if you’ve seen the Sunday edition of PnŚ.

Jarosław Bieniuk – A question for breakfast
Rafał Mroczek – A question for breakfast
Małgorzata Tomaszewska – A question for breakfast


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