Supermodel 11 final. who won? There was no such discrepancy between the spectators and the jury. Rubik directly says: “You will not make a career.”


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Top Model 11 – finał

On Wednesday, December 7, three Model 11 finalists battled it out to win the final live episode. Michalina Wojciechowska, Natalia Wu or Claudia Neusecure? Which of the girls won? The a huge disparity between spectators and judges.

Top Model is a program that takes viewers in front of televisions. The program enjoys unprecedented popularity with each successive release. There is no shortage of young people who dream of working on the platform. The public appeared again in the casting process for the 11th edition of the show, but only those chosen by the jury were able to live in the house of models, such as Adriana Hyzopska, Michalina Wojciechowska, Natalia Woś, Klaudia Nieścior, Maciej Skiba, Filip Ferner, Borys Barchan, Karolina Kuracińska, Marcelina Zetler, Adrian Nkwamu, Krystian Embradora, Aleksandra Helis, Weronika Pawelec and Martyna Kaczmarek.

More and more difficult tasks appeared before the participants in the following episodes. First, they had to go through transformations. This is how each successive edition begins, and this time there were no tears. Then there were many difficult challenges. The competition was very even, but in the final stage three competitors fought for victory:

  • Michelina Wojciechowska,
  • Natalia Woos,
  • Claudia Niscure.

Who won Top Model 11? Michalina Wojciechowska, Natalia Wu or Claudia Neusecure?
During the final, the creations of Dawid Woliński and Mariusz Przybylski and the duo MMC were presented by fourteen participants of the eleventh season of Top Model. Barska, Michał “Fox”, Król, Piotr Rogucki, Karaś, and Grzegorz Hyży performed during the live episode.

The final was hosted by Joanna Krupa and Michał Pirog. Jury members are Katarzyna Sokołowska, Dawid Woliński, Marcin Tyszka, and special guest – Anja Rubik.

After the first elimination-cover session, Claudia had 12 points. Michelina scored 14 points. Natalia got 15 points for photos of her.

Even before the break, Michał Piróg also announced that Klaudia was the favorite of the viewers. We also learned that after the end of the first part of the voting, Natalia and Claudia made it to the final!

After the second final round, Claudia had 23 points and Natalia 27, which the jury liked a little more. They confirmed that this is a versatile model. Anya Rubik even turned to Neosur and said:

I have to be brutally honest. I see you as influential, as an actress, as someone who works in television, but you’re not going to have a career in modeling.

The jury definitely saw the winner in Natalia. More appropriate words were addressed to her, and she completed almost all the tasks with the highest score. However, viewers have decided that the winner of Top Model 11 is Klaudia Nieścior.

Who is Top Model 11 winner Klaudia Nieścior?
Klaudia Nieścior is 22 years old and comes from Tarnobrzeg. She works every day in a beauty salon. On weekends she takes care of disabled or orphaned children in the house where she grew up. Because of this, her family matters are very difficult for her. Her biggest dream is to start a career as a model and have a family of her own.

Klaudia is dynamically developing social media. On Instagram, @klaudianiescior has amassed more than 75,000 followers so far.

Lots of comments on Instagram. Netizens are satisfied with the results, although, in the end, the jurors saw it differently and Natalia received more points. They write, by the way, that she was the best edition to date.

  • Congratulations Claudia! you deserve. Best Edition!
  • Deserved victory.
  • You might have thought so, but still congratulations everyone!

Do you like the new top model?

Klaudia Nieścior on the cover of Glamor
Top Model 11 finalists
Klaudia Nieścior won Top Model


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