Gosia Home and Anna Kalczyńska on the transfer of Edward Miszczak to Polsat. “I’m not objective.” They had difficulty controlling their emotions


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Gosia Ohme, Edward Miszczak, Anna Kalczyńska

Edward Miszak will soon start working at Polsat. Josiah Ohm and Anna Kalczynska spoke about it. What sincerity!

Eduard Meszczak, after years of work for TVN, has finalized his move to Polsat. Work will start here after the new year. As in TVN, he will assume the role of program director there. When the stars he promoted learned of his exit from television, he greeted him with a series of speeches. A reporter from Jastrząb Post asked Gosia Ohme and Anna Kalczyńska what they thought of this move. Our interlocutors had difficulty containing their emotions.

Gosia Ohme and Anna Kalczyńska on Edward Miszczak
Małgorzata heard that Miszczak wanted to introduce Breakfast TV into the repertoire of Polsat, who was going to be a competitor to Dzien Dobry TVN.

Everyone stammers that there will be some kind of TV for breakfast. Perhaps it will be, this is Edward’s beloved show, the main story of him, which he can do brilliantly. No one has taught reporters, reporters, and journalists like Edward and Gracina Kubica, but Edward was the heart of it all and he has it on his finger. I don’t know what his tasks will be, what position he will occupy, what his goal will be, and which television he will create or which group will win. I think Edward is doing very well, he is a man, a living legend, a mine of knowledge, and a great intuition.

The DDTVN reporter is envious of her Polsat colleagues who had the chance to work with Edward.

I’m a little envious that they’ll be working with him because it’s such an honor to know Edward. I’m not objective, because I wrote the entry, when he left TVN, everyone thought he was dead, so I had to change the pronunciation, but he’s one of the most important people in my life. I think Edward will do very well and surround himself with people who will help him in this, but what his ideas will be, it all depends on his ideas and the expectations of the station owners.

Anna wishes her former boss good luck and is ready to compete with Polsat under her rule.

Good luck to my old boss. I hope you create a project that is good and that refers to the standard of what is on the market, maybe it will try to compete with our project, who knows. Fingers crossed. I always hope to race well. This significantly improves our quality, we crowd more to work better, and live up to and respond to the needs of our viewers.


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